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When it comes to psychological assessments and parental consultations, Dr. Nancy offers both individual evaluations as well as court-ordered assessments.

Below you will find a complete list of her services plus the next steps so you can get the help you need today.

Psychological Assessments To Understand What’s Going On For Yourself

Many times, people have difficulty with their mood or thoughts, but do not understand why. They may feel depressed or anxious, but cannot understand what is triggering these emotions.

Others may be dealing with a difficult and stressful time in their life, but do not fully understand their symptoms or what they can do to help themselves.

In both case, most people want to better understand the symptoms they are experiencing and identify therapeutic interventions that can alleviate symptoms.

Whether you have “tried everything” or are seeking a psychological evaluation for the first time, Dr. Musarra can help.

To inquire about a psychological evaluation, contact Dr. Musarra at or call

Court Ordered & Lawyer Recommended: Psychological Assessments & Competency Assessments

In some cases, the judge, prosecutor, or your own lawyer might want a mental health assessment (psychological assessment) so they can better understand the possible causes and factors related to your legal charge.

Mental health or substance abuse challenges such as anxiety, obsessions, compulsions, trauma, bipolar disorder, or addiction need to be evaluated. In both cases, Dr. Nancy Musarra is available to help.

In other cases, the judge, prosecutor, or others involved in the case may suggest a competency assessment. This type of assessment is for the purpose of evaluating whether the defendant understands the charges before him/her and if they have the mental capacity to assist in their defense.

To inquire about psychological or competency evaluations, contact Dr. Musarra at or call (216)954-5665

Educational Consultations with Parents

Most parents know when something is “not quite right” with their child but are unsure what to do to help their kid.

Others may know their child’s diagnosis, but need more information about what the diagnosis means. They may ask, “How will this diagnosis affect my child’s development, mood and behavior?”

Getting answers to questions is important.

Even if your child is an “adult”, but remains dependent due to developmental or cognitive challenges, you may have questions. Adult children may struggle with grief, social issues, physical and emotional challenges. Inquire today to get the answers you need.

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