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Nancy Musarra Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist in Independence, Ohio. She is also a published author with over 20 years of clinical experience. Her expertise lies in helping first responders, parents, and individuals understand the complex world of mental health and developmental disabilities.

Dr. Nancy Musarra - first responder trainer and psychologist.

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Assessments and Consultations

Dr. Musarra facilitates psychological and competency evaluations as well as educational consultations for parents. For information click below.

First Responder Training

This first responder workshop provides an in depth look at safety, crime and forensics related to autism and other neurodevelopmental challenges. By becoming familiar and by learning practical communication strategies, first responders will be able to manage stressful situations before they escalate into a full-blown crisis.


Dr. Nancy facilitates educational workshops for professionals and parents focusing on children diagnosed with developmental, cognitive, mental health and complex medical needs. Topics such as building resilience, seven things to know, responding to shocking things people say and helping with grief are included.

Our Story

About Dr. Nancy Musarra

What do you do when told your child has a disability? By the time my daughter was eight months old, she had many medical challenges. As she grew, she experienced seizures, infantile spasms and ataxia that contributed to multiple developmental delays. For years, she was tried on over 15 seizure medications that would work for a while, but then fail. We cycled through months of semi-controlled seizures until a break-through brought us right back to the hospital at square one…

Why Professionals Choose Dr. Nancy


Insightful, educational, and informative. Dr. Musarra was able to provide new information for both professionals who work with developmentally disabled individuals as well as for families. Dr. Nancy provided information on best practices for supporting families and individuals as well as how to positively navigate systems such as schools, agencies, and professional providers.

- Cat Bauer

As a Clinical Psychologist I strongly recommend Dr. Musarra’s book, The New Normal. This is a book about the difficulties of raising special Interest kids. It is a wonderful compilation of stories directly taken from special interest families and the stresses experienced. Dr. Musarra quite correctly organizes decision-making under stress into seven distinct categories. Those categories in turn are important to families under stress as they struggle to solve sometimes very difficult problems. I reiterate that this book is important and highly recommended.

- Floyd Sours

Dr. Nancy Musarra’s book ‘The New Normal: 7 Things to Know as You Care for & Love a Child with Special Needs’ is a poignant and beautiful book. As a mother of an infant son with complex special needs, ‘The New Normal’ is a unique and enlightening book. Almost all parenting books are written for parents of neurotypical children, which only made my situation feel more isolated. This book shone a light onto special needs families and taught me that I wasn’t alone on this journey.

- Renee

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